The Art of the Pocket Square

“Pocket squares…You don’t have to wear one but if you do, fold it properly!”

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Pocket squares are back! Like the classy men of the past, many men of today use a "pochette" for that finishing touch. I, myself, am a big fan of those squared pieces of fabric, as I believe they definitely add a small dose of fun, class, and even gallantry to one’s image. That said, I know you aced Style 101, but it’s not enough to just stuff a pocket square into your shirt or coat; each occasion calls for a distinct folding method. This attention to detail is essential and reveals how acute your understanding of the concept is.

Here are a few tips:

If you are going to work, I recommend that you stick with the original flat pocket square fold. This particular method is also appropriate for a cocktail party or business meeting, though for the latter, you could also use the one- or  two points pocket squared fold.”

Two- and three points pocket squares, also referred to as mountains folds, when worn during business events, generally convey a message of authority.  Avoiding coming off as pretentious, I wouldn’t use this folding method unless you are one of the big shots or otherwise seasoned enough to claim seniority within the group. For weddings, black tie events, and other such glamorous occasions, however, it’s fair game.

You can add a little creativity to the standard sports jacket with the puff pocket square fold or the flower fold, which is just the reverse version of the puff method. Either way, you’ll definitely add a little bit of fun to your outfit.

There are 15 to 20 well-known folding methods. When deciding which folding method is appropriate, use the following as a guideline: points and mountains are appropriate for business and formal ceremonies, whereas flats and puffs are geared for more relaxed and informal occasions.

Below is a link that will help you polish your folding technique!

With that, be Swell dear friends, because style does matter…

Posted on January 25, 2013 .