From girls’ corner: Tips on starting a conversation with an attractive stranger

Girls’ nights out never get old. They are a perfect excuse to dress up, sip on Martinis and talk about... you guessed it right - our favorite subject - men! Through my countless nights out with the girls, I've seen all sorts of men - from relentless hunters to spiffy butterflies and conspicuous showoffs. Men just have an innate need to impress women.  

From endless fun topics on this subject, I picked one that I think is really interesting to share: pick-up lines and starting conversations. Gents, here is what really works in your favor when approaching a woman.

1. Observing a woman before making a move

Taking time to really observe a woman can give you many clues about her. You may notice little details in her outfit, accessories, shoes, etc., as well as her personality. Sip on your drink and observe her from afar, giving her occasional looks, so that she understands you've noticed her. Once the eye contact is established, she will probably fix her posture and start playing with her hair. When that happens, make your move! Women need to feel they are special, admired...and ultimately desired.

2. Starting a conversation with an unusual comment

If you do want to give a compliment on her appearance, let it be be an honest one and about something non-obvious. There are few more original ways to break the ice, though. What I love the most is the idea of a guy who almost ignores the fact that the woman he is talking to is attractive and starts talking to her as if they knew each other. It is obvious you are interested if you come to talk to someone, so make an effort to distinguish yourself from your competition! 

Worst conversation starters (according to my experience): "What are you drinking?"; "Where are you from?"; "Are you ... (Russian)?"; "Hey beautiful!"   

3. Understanding who are you talking to

I feel that a lot of men are used to the way they approach women and don't make an effort to change their approach and understand who are they talking to. Try to figure out what is this woman most interested in and don't insist on a conversation if she is just being nice. Observe her body langage; it might tell you that she is just not that into you! That brings me to my next point...

4. Knowing when to walk away

I respect men who understand when it's time to leave. Let's say you are flying solo and had an idea to interrupt a conversation between friends (not so uncommon). If you see that both of them are dying to come back to it (remember, body language!), you should smile and wish them a good evening. If you managed to get them interested in a discussion, good for you. I think many men don't know when it's time to leave. 

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5. Be natural

There is nothing more attractive than a man who looks comfortable in his own skin. Way too often I've seen men who are trying to impress women by dropping facts about their career, position, achievements, giving clues about their lifestyle, where they live, who they know, etc. Of course, it all depends on what you want, but if you want to attract a woman that has the right values, don't mention any of those things in your first conversation. 

Here you go guys. I hope you will find this piece of advice useful and that next time you decide to approach a beautiful stranger, she will leave the place with a mysterious smile, impatiently waiting for your next move....

Written by Martina Culjak

Posted on March 1, 2013 .