“Suspenders…? Bring it on! 60s fashion in today’s world”

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Most of us look at suspenders as antique objects. They are a throwback from the 60's fashion, and only a clown would wear them in modern times. Though many seasoned gentlemen from older generations swear by "les bretelles", but it is undeniable that the trend has significantly faded away from the so called in-style practices of this era, and that is exactly why, my dear friends, we today strongly recommend that you swim against the tide and consider adding a pair of suspenders to your collection of accessories.

For one, it would bring a unique, vintage, and audacious yet elegant touch to your outfit. Indeed, as we so often stress in Get the Memo, it is important for every man to find that subtle little thing that he can call his and that leaves an unforgettable impression…that thing could definitely come in the form of suspenders!

I myself sported a pair of suspenders recently, and not only was I avidly complimented, I also felt extremely comfortable. Never did I have to fix my pants or re-tuck my shirt during the evening, an inconvenience that never fails to occur whenever I opt for the standard belt. I can even add that for those among us fighting a malicious belly (and I feel your pain brothers), until you get the better of it, the suspenders might turn out to be your new best friend. Contrary to the belt that draws a sharp line at your waist and tends to emphasize the extra pounds you carry around, the suspenders work with your body and hence do not disfigure your silhouette!

Now if you are a virgin when it comes to les bretelles, start with a plain-colored pair to go with your nicest suit! As you learn to appreciate them, you’ll be surprised by the variety there is out there! Treat them like ties or pocket squares and enjoy the ride!

By the way, though it is obvious to most, let me point out that it is a cardinal sin to wear suspenders with a belt or a three-piece suit. For those who swear by suspenders, there are pants specifically designed to accommodate you. Most of the time, they are custom made; thus, you know who to call on.

With that, be Swell dear friends, because style does matter…

Posted on January 25, 2013 .