The Soul of Swell...

Custom Made Suits & Shirts - San Francisco - Swell Attitude

Custom Made Suits & Shirts - San Francisco - Swell Attitude

When you see a Swell man, it is apparent. The suit is fitted. The style is eye-catching. The accessories are on point. The overall look is as effortless as his smooth glide through the door.

 BUT, is what you see truly the key to being swell? Yes, first impressions are important, but the commanding presence of a swell gentleman deserves closer examination. Past the gleaming cuff links & finely placed hair lies the fundamental basis of a swell individual. It is not something that is cuffed, tapered, or polka-dotted. It is not knotted, striped, or tucked. It is appreciated, admired, and respected. Essentially, it is what every living thing holds: soul.

A gentleman’s soul, his irreplaceable energetic existence, is the root of all things swell. When you see a swell gentleman open a door for those behind him or see him smile at a passerby, the accompanying feeling is what completes the experience of being in the presence of a swell gentleman. Without soul, without a positive & confident inner strength, and without amicable intent, a visually impeccable suit is almost nothing.

See, his attitude and soul is deeply correlated to the overall presentation of his aesthetic look. If he feels good and tries to do good in the world, that very mindset is reflected in both his personal style and overall, “swell” aura. Thus, with style, also comes perspective, tying together both bowties and being. Fundamentally, being swell starts from the inside out.

So before you tighten that tie and button that vest, make sure your most essential custom-made piece is finely fit.



Written by Dino De Vera

Posted on January 29, 2013 .