Girls Talk Men's Underwear

Recently, I started a very intriguing conversation with my girlfriends:

What is a bigger turn off - ugly shoes or ugly underwear?

Underwear 3.png

Girls agreed that ugly shoes (and square shoes definitely lead in that category) can often be a first turn off factor, but that underwear is equally important. I started the conversation with this post in mind as I think that not enough attention has been given to men's underwear. Swell Attitude is all about the right fit, but what if underneath those swell pants, one finds what we decided to call - "parachute boxers"! I am sure you all know what I mean, and if not please refer to the image underneath.

Underwear 1.png

Most men pay very little attention to their underwear. Not that I want to make you paranoid, but picking the wrong kind can result in some unflattering conversations about your choices with her girlfriends the day after your hot date. Underwear is not only essential for good hygiene, but it is also an expression of one’s personal style. Good underwear should not bunch up underneath your clothes. It should give you good support, be well fitted to your body and look nice. I would suggest the stretch cotton fabric that will feel soft against your skin. Whether it is briefs or boxers "no air in your underwear" - ladies said. The absolute favorite was David Beckham's Briefs and Boxers for H&M. Go figure!

Written by Martina Culjak

Posted on February 8, 2013 .