Why Black Never Came Back

Black, a simple color, and a staple within the fashion industry for years, has been highlighted, no pun intended, as the theme for many occasions. It has a reputation for representing sophistication, class, and, oddly, romance. But...why?

Well, first of all, as with any article of clothing or accessory one chooses to don, it essentially looks plain good...on everyone. This is because black is slimming, hiding flaws in areas with which most people are concerned. Black prevents viewers' eyes to "jump", as would do with a patterned or blocked color outfit. Thus, black serves as a visually calming attribute to an outfit, and allows its wearer to appear slender and slim.

Black, which is actually not considered a color, but an absence of, serves as a "neutral" foundation. It creates this blank slate upon which can be accessorized almost infinitely. Black looks good with many patterns and colors, providing as a sort of blank canvas. Hence, it is often associated as being "clean, classic, and chic". 

The most obvious attribute of black, darkness, creates a sense of mystery. As mentioned before, black is able to conceal, but it also serves to strengthen. The boldness of black allows focus to be brought upon the wearer. The classic black suit, for example, is a subdued visual image due to its simplicity, yet simultaneously bold as it makes apparent the presence of the Swell man who carries it in a room. This duality creates this sense of mystery, brewing viewers' urge to know who this man is, additionally creating a romantic game of hide and seek.

Its simplicity has allowed it to remain an aesthetic necessity for many years. Fashion, constantly fluctuating with the ins and outs, hasn't been able to snub the seasonal, again no pun intended, effects of the classic black. 

Like with Swell Attitude's "Classy in Black" hosted at the CLIFT Hotel last Thursday, black has proven time and time again to be, well, timeless. Because of this apparent cause, black has been stamped as a staple, and with time working on its side, has been the iconic symbol of sophistication. Black has always been "in", and has so far had no reason to come back. I mean, once you go black..."

Written by Dino De Vera.

Posted on February 11, 2013 .