What’s up with those socks?

Let’s admit it! If there is one detail of an outfit we men tend to neglect, it has to be our socks. I don’t actually have an answer as to why that is the case, but I would have to assume that we figure that if we’re safe between the pants and shoes, no one will notice; therefore, there’s no reason to sweat it, right?

Wrong! Contrary to what you may think, socks reveal themselves more often than you would like them to. Each time you take a step, your pants, in order to facilitate your movement, slide up a couple of inches, just enough to expose the light brown socks you carelessly “matched” with your superb shiny black suit and shoes! Oops! Similarly, when you sit down, the same process takes place, only in those instances this flaw is amplified by your pants being hiked up even further, making you look like a clown. Double Oops!

Here are my two cents on socks: Every man should have at least two pairs of black, dark brown, and navy blue socks. Those three colors should enable you to properly match your socks with any outfit. Now if you are looking to one-up your game, you should add to your collection beige, burgundy, and grey socks. There is no limit to what colors you can pull from, provided you take the time to make it work! That said, unless you are on a golf course, please stay away from fluorescent and bright colors!

Allow me to conclude this segment with one last piece of advice: Contrary to popular belief, the objective is not to coordinate your socks with your shoes but rather to flatter and draw attention to the shades of your pants and/or shirt! 

With that, be Swell my friends, because style does matter…

Written by JFK

Posted on February 12, 2013 .