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Barber Walter's

Barber Walter's

Today your dedicated Custom Clothiers sit down with San Francisco's truly own, Barber Walter’s. If you are in the know when it comes to impeccable men grooming, you've certainly heard of his prowess, if not do not wait a second longer and make sure to stop by the Barber Lounge. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Walter Bishop-Jones but my industry moniker is Barber Walter's. I've had the pleasure of being a Barber for over 10 years. I also teach advanced Barbering techniques at the Cinta AVEDA Institute.

How did you get the idea for starting your business and what would you say makes it stand out in the men grooming industry?

I've always wanted to do men's styling but it wasn't until after going to University of the Pacific that I made my dream a reality. I feel that my attention to detail and impeccable customer service are what differentiates myself from other Barbers in the industry. In my opinion, effort trumps skill. You can teach skill but a sincere desire to please cannot be taught. I also pride myself in my ability to cut ANY type of hair and banter that spans topics other than sports & popular culture.

We know you to be a man of great style. When it comes to combining your everyday outfits, where do you draw your inspiration from?

First, thank you for the compliment! I try to keep a professional yet unaffected style. It's easy in our industry to get unduly wrapped up in trends. I try to avoid this by staying true to the classics whilst keeping a keen eye on the contemporary. If I could wrap my ethos up in one word it'd definitely be comfort.

The Barber Lounge

The Barber Lounge

Do you have a celebrity or 2 (two), you think epitomizes the sharp dresser?

Well we all stand on the shoulders of the great men who came before us. This goes for philosophy, art, music AND style. So that being said, Miles Davis for his unbridled cool and Steve McQueen for his mastery of the seemingly mundane.

What is your favorite accessory and why?

I'd have to say my favorite accessory would have to be a nice pair of socks. Usually unseen, a quick glimpse of them points to one's individual style and we all know nothing's better than a fresh, new pair.

Have you ever used custom tailoring services and what is your take on Swell Attitude’s approach?

Unfortunately, I have difficulty in finding clothes off the rack that fit correctly. The gentleman at Swell Attitude take an approach to Tailoring that is rarely seen outside of Savile Row. They've honed their craft to a high art and it shows in their work.


At Swell Attitude, we believe that the way a gentleman dresses is an extension of his personality. Could the same be said of hair and facial hair styling?

Totally! As men we don't wear makeup so a full beard, Van Dyke, Goatee or even a neatly trimmed mustache are ways to add “paint” to an otherwise blank “canvas”. The same can be said about style and/or cut choices. Can you imagine Salvador Dali without his quircky 'stache or Andy Warhol without his grey wig? Neither can I.

Where can our readers find you and experience first-hand your magic touch?

You can find me in SOMA at the Barber Lounge or as a travelling coiffure with Barber Walter's Mobile Service at your home, office or event 7 days a week!

Last one!  A) Fill in the blank: Fashion is... esoteric.

                B) Fill in the blank: A Gentleman is... a rare breed.


The Barber Lounge

The Barber Lounge

Posted on October 9, 2013 .