Meet Black Sparrow: A Parisian Modern Day Dandy...

This week your Fashion Therapists had the pleasure to interview Black Sparrow, a true aesthete and connoisseur. He is the definition of eclecticism when it comes to clothing and music style.

Black Sparrows answers all our questions and pleases our ears with a custom-mixed track for all of you Swell readers.

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Black Sparrow

Black Sparrow

 Please introduce yourself to our readers. Who is Black Sparrow?

Just someone who enjoys good music and loves to share it.

 How would you define your musical style?

Eclectic! I like to play “groovy” stuff - from old school to new school – and nothing “mainstream”. I do believe that you can have a good party without listening to “crap” (oops sorry!) which is what is mostly played on the radio and TV all day long! I love to discover new tracks and introduce them to people. The coolest thing for me is definitely when someone comes up to me and asks me for the title of track I’m playing with a big smile on their face.

Where do you draw your inspiration when it comes to the art of mixing?

To me, the most difficult thing is to grab the attention of the audience; once it’s done with a couple of good tracks, it’s “Rock on”! I like to have fun while spinning and constantly check out the crowd’s reaction. Once their “Chakras” are open, it can go from Electro music to Hip-Hop, to good ol’ rock tracks from the 60’s-70’s. I try to spin without any pretentiousness and enjoy the moment. If the crowd feels it as well, then I did my job!

What was your latest gig and where can the crowd have the pleasure to hear you (and shake their hips to your beats!) on a regular basis?

My last gig was at Le Scarlett (Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood of Paris, France). I play there once a month but I’m still in the hunt for a nice and cozy cocktail bar where I could spin some good old funk/disco beats on a more regular basis. Though everybody is now dancing to Electro music, I feel like sometimes, it’s good to come back to the basics.

I also do a lot of private parties and sometimes feature as a guest artist at local Parisian lounges. If you see me in your neighborhood, come say hello ;-)

We know for a fact that you take a great pleasure to combine your everyday outfits! Like the Fashion Therapists at Swell Attitude, do you think that Style Does Matter?

Let me think…. Hell yeah! You don’t need to spend thousands of Euros/Dollars to have style. It is often simply a matter of taste and creativity to mix and match the clothes you already have. I grab my inspiration from the street, movies, and magazines. When I see someone, I’ll be acting like a Robocop (LOL), scanning him/her from head to toe… But shhhh! That’s my little secret!

Would you say that your sartorial tastes are somehow in synch with your musical ones?

Yep! Something cool, not too cheesy, not too mainstream, sometimes chic, sometimes groovy.

Are Parisians as stylish and fashionable as the reputation they have gained for decades in the US?

Some are and some are really…not!

We also know that you are a professional photographer with a keen eye for details. Do you have a favorite fashion accessory?

Yes indeed, photographer among other things
A fashion accessory? My hat!

Now that the hot days are (finally!) hitting Paris, what would be your pick for, let’s say, a warm summer night elegant gathering?

Roof-top at La Cité de la Mode: “Le Nuba”, a well-spaced terrace where you can enjoy good music while having a drink and dance with friends until the sun rises. This spot opened only a couple of weeks ago.

As you are a man of many hats, what is your latest purchase in these 3 categories: photography gear? Music equipment? Clothing?

- Photography: An old Kodak Instamatic from 1969 for my camera collection.

- Music: Custom made ear-plug with an attenuation of -25dB. When I go to clubs, I’m usually in front of the DJ or in the DJ booth. I need to protect my ears while enjoying the party.

- Clothing: A bow-tie.

Last one for our utmost fun! Fill in the blank

A) Fashion is... a playground

B) A Gentleman is... a question of attitude!

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Posted on June 22, 2013 .