"Spring Forward in Style"

The weather is sneakily getting warmer, making that velvet suit of yours more like a towel. But don't sweat! The Swell team is there to offer a few quick tips so that spring doesn't spring any surprises on you...

Color - If any time is a good time to utilize different colors, it definitely is in spring. Incorporate lighter colors, such as lavender, mint, and even pink. If you're afraid of looking like cotton candy, keep it simple and limit it to the pocket square or tie. The key thing is subtlety.  The sun is out, so brighten up your style. 

Floral - Spring springs flowers. Floral isn't just for the Swell woman anymore. Liven up a suit with a floral tie or shirt, and make the office a happier place.

Pocket Square & Hats -

The pocket square is essential all year round, but spring is definitely its favorite season. Attention to detail is key for our beloved pocket square, as brighter colors and patterns are highlighted in the sun. So, don't forget to fill your pockets! As for a hat, with the sun beating down harder, it can help block the hurtful rays and can create a bolder look for you. Bust out the Panama hat and be bold with that brim.

Last but not least: Experiment & Have FUN!

The most important tip that Swell can offer is to have fun. Have fun with your style by experimenting with your own personal tastes. Don't just follow the trends, but follow your happiness.

Written by Dino De Vera

Posted on February 19, 2013 .