Put some pink on!

What is it that men fear so much about wearing pink?

Though I have to admit there are more men now welcoming the rosy color, for most, a breast cancer ribbon is as close to pink as they will get. Well my good men, it is now time to reconsider your take on pink, and here are some reasons why:

a)     You’ve certainly heard how important it is to pick shirts and suits that go well with your skin tone, etc. Well, that rule is moot when we’re talking about pink. It is indeed the only color that goes well with every single skin tone. Don’t get me wrong, a shiny bright pink might be hard to pull off, but any shade of pale pink is definitely game.

b)     To go along with point (a), a nice pink shirt goes well with any pair of pants. Black, navy blue, gray, green, brown….you name it and it goes with pink!

c)     We all know women love pink. Whether you are talking flowers, teddy bears, accessories, or what have you they just adore it. It is a reminder of freshness, purity, good times… and who knows; one day you might make the list!

With that, be Swell my friends, because style does matter…

Written by JFK

Posted on February 27, 2013 .