"Mismatched Made in Heaven"

Let's be honest. The array of fashion options between men and women is an extremely wide gap. Women have the choice to go mod. Or perhaps casual chic. Or maybe 1920s glamour. Or boho meets 1990s Goth meets Byzantine couture with a hint of urban, Asian modernism. It's dizzying, yet very compelling at how almost infinite the choices women have.

Custom Tailored Suits & Shirts - San Francisco

Custom Tailored Suits & Shirts - San Francisco

To the modern man, straying away from the ordinary usually entails opting for a patterned tie over a solid. Sometimes, it's merely switching up cuff links. Or dare I say, mismatching jackets and pants. (cue Beethoven's 5th Symphony) 

Yes, Swell Attitude went there. It's a topic very much on fashionistos' minds, but seldom explored. A topic usually brushed off with, "Just keep it safe & match 'em". Well, this is Swell Attitude and safety is not an option!

First let's tackle why mismatching is often the road not taken. Simply, it is risky business. Pairing different jackets and pants, though not as daring a move as numerous ones in women's fashion, is bold down to the bone. One could easily be thinking chic and end up looking eeeeek! The safety net of keeping the two components consistent and matched has kept men from venturing out and creating new aesthetic looks. 

 So where to start in achieving a mismatched made in heaven? The first step is choosing either a jacket or pair of pants from which to work off. By choosing one of the pieces, it allows a base to be established which is progressively built upon, piece-by-piece. More importantly, by having one “loud” base to work with, it enables subtle additions to easily complete the look with complimentary garments rather than competing ones. Ultimately with this base (jacket or pants), it is essential to take into consideration the FCC: fabric, color, cut.

Custom Made Blazers - San Francisco

Custom Made Blazers - San Francisco

Fabric is key because it correlates very much to season. Because mismatching is a bold move in itself, be wary of standing out even more (for the wrong reasons) by mismatching your fabric and seasons.

Color should be utilized to compliment the jacket or pants base. Mismatching is almost all about color, so keep it classy and not clown-like.

Cut is important because mismatching involves combining two separate pieces. Allow the shape of both the jacket and pants to complement each other.

Confidence truly is the key to mismatching. Once you have that, then you’re on your way!

Now go on mismatching this world and turn it into…well, heaven!

Written by Dino De Vera

Posted on March 14, 2013 .