SA interviews Unyime of Venture & Virtue

Please introduce yourself to our readers?

Unyime - Venture & Virtue

Unyime - Venture & Virtue

My name is Unyime Akpanudosen, 22 years of age and founder of LA-based men's lifestyle website, Venture & Virtue.

How did you get the idea for starting your blog & business? 

I wouldn't say it was an idea so much as an evolution. It began simply as a way for me to humbly share daily looks as a means to inspire as well as explore personal style. As the years past along with various shifts in focus I discovered one could share a style as well as an experience. I wanted to focus more on the experiences. My blog re-launched late 2012 as Venture & Virtue and the name means exactly what my journey is about.

When it comes to combining your everyday outfits, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I pull inspiration from a love for all things retro. For the Twitter crowd I like to refer to it as #retrolife and it goes further than style and into one's everyday life as well. I appreciate antique furnishings as well as vintage clothing. Inspiration also comes from my Nigerian culture as well, so there may be a subtle infusion of African prints or fabrics from time to time.  

Which celebrity you think epitomizes the sharp dresser?

There are several of course, but at the moment I humbly see the likes of the Yasiin Bey to be one of the archetypes for the urban classic movement.

Unyime - Venture & Virtue

Unyime - Venture & Virtue

What is your favorite accessory?

I'm particularly into patinae footwear at the moment. I'll also reach for eyeglasses and watches, but regardless of what it is, the more patina it carries, the better.

What is your latest purchase and where did you wear it?

My latest sartorial purchase was a vintage GANT spread collar dress shirt and it's such a recent purchase it actually hasn't arrived yet.

For an elegant gathering, would you opt for a single or double-breasted jacket?

Both are great but you can't go wrong with a closely tailored double-breasted jacket. 

Have you ever used custom tailoring services and what is your take on Swell Attitude’s approach?

I do have a tailor I visit regularly who does a fine job though honestly like most men in their early 20's, because of cost, haven't yet tried a bespoke approach. From first glance I humbly believe SA is doing very well with the take on classic suiting. "Because style does matter" is true to an extent, I appreciate that. Lastly, I see several jackets in the SA arsenal with ticket pockets which look to be making a comeback.

Unyime - Venture & Virtue

Unyime - Venture & Virtue

Last ones:

A) Fill in the blank: Fashion is ever-changing.

B) Fill in the blank: A Gentleman is more than a well-mannered appearance.

Thank You!

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Posted on March 19, 2013 .